TRC – Nation

TRC have never been summed up better by anyone than they have themselves.  “Define Cocky”.  Mixing hardcore with rap and hip hop vocals these guys are as British as they come, and they are proud of it.  It’s that, and pulling yourself up from the bottom, that is celebrated on Nation, which may well come to be their defining release.

The first thing that will strike you on this album is the pure level of attitude coming across on it.  On opening track “3 Letters 4 Seasons” they graciously declare “this track here, I’m going to dedicate to myself.”  It’s an attitude that runs through this album and adds an edge to it that actually makes it more likeable.   TRC talk straight and they tell you what they are thinking, with a lot of these tracks displaying a significant amount of personal lyrics about having the drive and determination to get off your ass and do something with your life, something which will surely relate to many.

Saying all that it does take a while to get used to the mix of hardcore and hip hop vocals, it doesn’t fit quite as seamlessly as say Hacktivist and at times the production doesn’t help, with the rap vocals often overshadowing what is going on underneath.  However, all reservations should be cast aside the second “#TeamUK” hits in.  This song is destined to be an anthem with it’s cry of “Man the UK’s smashing it, Dappy’s on top of the the charts and look at BFMV, don’t laugh that’s amazing!”  It’s a track about being proud to be British and celebrating every piece of music that comes out of this country.

There are also some moments on this album that display the proper hardcore band these guys are under the vocals.  “We Bring War” is a proper aggressive track that see’s Chris Robson and Anthony Carroll trading off on vocals.  While all 1 minute 16 of “Beefeater 1” screams pure anger.

I love the UK hardcore scene, as anyone who reads regularly can probably guess.  However, there is no denying that there are a selection of bands at the top of the game and those underneath are often not doing enough to really stand out.  TRC are doing something different and they are doing it damn well.  This album is full of tracks that scream cocky and while that will turn many people against the band, it’s what makes me love them.  They are proud to be who they are and proud of how they’ve got here and because of that I salute them.

For Fans of: Hacktivist

Choice Cuts: “#TeamUK”, “Nation”, “We Bring War”


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