Paddington 2 (2017)

I love that bear.

In a world where recent surprises have tended to be a bit scary, Paddington was a shot of joy. That famous little bear was adapted for the modern world and it turned out that he was maybe what we all needed. Of course, such success could only mean one thing. A sequel. Suddenly, the worries were setting in. Could that magic be captured twice? Or would Paddington’s beauty be twisted into a corporate cash cow?

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Brooklyn (2015)

Brooklyn’s trailer would have you believe it was a po-faced drama.  The kind of weepy period piece that we see come in and out of cinemas several times a year and are perfectly acceptable to people that are into that kind of thing, but to most are something that can be safely ignored.  Sadly, that depiction has probably robbed a lot of people from seeing a wonderful piece of cinema.

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