WWE Money In The Bank 2018

After sending Bálor and Kingston to the canvas below, Strowman unhooks the briefcase to win the match!
We’re going to be hearing the Monster In The Bank line a lot. Credit: WWE

Money In The Bank has become one of WWE’s better shows. A lousy ladder match is still an improvement on most things and even in the confusing storylines of WWE the briefcases add an element of enjoyable chaos. Will it be the show to help them break their recent run of mediocrity? I bloody hope so.

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WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Review

This is a fantastic photo. Credit: WWE

The last stop (before the next one) on the Road to the Showcase of the Immortals… or something like that. I forget all of WWE’s buzzwords. It was all going to be very historic, though. We know they like that.

Sorry, I’m going snarky right off the bat. I actually like Elimination Chamber matches, they tend to be quite good. It’s just a shame about the rest of the card. Let’s dish out some stars.

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Where do you fit a Bullet Club?

It is looking more and more likely that part of The Bullet Club is making their way to the WWE, possibly in order to team up with former leader Finn Balor.  It also appears that joining them will be Shinsuke Nakamura, no not Celtic’s former freekick taker, that’s Shunsuke.  Instead, he’s the former NJPW Intercontinental Champion, having been stripped of it because of this very move.  Put him alongside AJ Styles and the tag team of Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows and you have four incredibly talented and successful wrestlers making their way into the WWE.  So what do you do with them?

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