Where do you fit a Bullet Club?

It is looking more and more likely that part of The Bullet Club is making their way to the WWE, possibly in order to team up with former leader Finn Balor.  It also appears that joining them will be Shinsuke Nakamura, no not Celtic’s former freekick taker, that’s Shunsuke.  Instead, he’s the former NJPW Intercontinental Champion, having been stripped of it because of this very move.  Put him alongside AJ Styles and the tag team of Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows and you have four incredibly talented and successful wrestlers making their way into the WWE.  So what do you do with them?

Well, the first part has already kind of been answered.  Bullet Club are big, it is not that uncommon to see Bullet Club t-shirts in the street, never mind at wrestling events.  It would be daft to take in three of its most recognisable members and not use it.  The fact their former leader is already there just cements that.  All of which is great, but what do you do with Styles?  If Balor’s the leader then he is the main guy, while you’d assume Anderson and Gallows would slip straight to the top of the tag division.  But Styles is no hot up and comer, he’s one of the best wrestlers in the world and whether WWE will acknowledge that or not, their audience will.  You can’t leave him standing in the background, it just doesn’t work.

So instead, you’ve got two main event ready guys in one faction, a situation you normally get to after months of build.  So how do you play it?  Well, it’s simple really.  You let them both be main event guys, that’s how.  When the WWE built up The SHIELD, they did something interesting.  They made them a team but they also allowed them to wrestle alone.  They had each others back, but only when it was needed.  During singles matches, the other two members often didn’t make their way to the ring.  You can do the same with Bullet Club.  This can be a faction that runs together and has each others backs but doesn’t necessarily spend every minute together.  That allows you to have a situation where one starts a feud with someone and another goes after someone else.  Solving the problem of how to contain Balor and Styles in one programme and also allowing the slow build to an eventual showdown between the two.  (Fingers crossed.)

All of which kind of leaves Nakamura on the sidelines.  There’s been such an excitement built around the idea of Bullet Club, that the Freddie Mercury of Japanese wrestling has almost been forgotten.  Which is unlikely to happen when he makes his debut.  Nakamura has it all.  Not only is he a talented wrestler, but he wakes up and takes a bath in charisma each morning.  If treated right, he’ll be a star.  The natural starting point seems to be for him to go after the IC Title considering its New Japan counterpoint is what he has left behind.  When Bryan won it what feels like years ago at Wrestlemania, rumours suggested that WWE planned to take it back to its roots.  To make it the wrestler’s belt and let Bryan essentially use it as the big belt on Smackdown.  I’d like to see that plan dug out and slapped on Nakamura.  You can have personal feuds around the IC Title, but more often than not let’s just see two guys fight for the honour of holding it.  Much like Cena’s open challenges it gives the belt relevancy again and it allows Nakamura to shine.  Before you know it, you have a wrestler and a belt that people care about.

This is once again an example of fantasy booking, but it does point to just how exciting this talent grab can be for WWE.  While I’m sure New Japan regulars are cursing them, it does give the E a chance to do something fresh.  It’s been a long time since a relatively young and big name talent who has never appeared on WWE TV before was snapped up and talked about as being a possibility to go straight to the main roster and yet here we seem to have four guys who could do exactly that.  In those guys, WWE has picked four people who could easily change the landscape in that company for a long time to come, let’s just hope that old Vinny boy lets them do it.

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