NJPW World Tag League Night Nine Review

Dropkick. Credit: NJPW

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of A Block rumbling back into my view and bringing with it an incredibly unsexy card. Let’s dish out some stars and get this over and done with.

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RevPro Global Wars Night Two Review

Our main event. Credit: RevPro

After the roaring success of night one (I’m still giddy about that Ishii vs Lee match) RevPro was charging into night two of Global Wars on a high. If anything, it was a better card with Matt Riddle vs Minoru Suzuki and Ospreay vs Sabre leaping off the page. Could they live up to the hoss fight? Let’s dish out some stars.

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10 Observations From Sakura Genesis

Warriors. Photo Credit: NJPW

There was a very real danger that Sakura Genesis would get lost in the shuffle. The week after WrestleMania most of us are suffering from wrestling fatigue and it would be easy to decide this was a show you could miss. If that’s a decision you made, then I’m here to tell you to sort your life out. Sakura Genesis put everything WWE did to shame, and New Japan continued to prove themselves the best wrestling company in the world. While this card was far from perfect there wasn’t a true dud to be found and here are ten things that we noticed during this brilliant night of wrestling.

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