Love Zombies – Passionfruit

There’s a pretty good chance that one day I will look back and split my life into two distinct sections. Pre and post ‘Robots & Aliens’. The stupidly infectious song from Love Zombies has been running through my head ever since I first put on Passionfruit and I’m genuinely not sure it will ever leave. To be honest, I might even be okay with that.

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Camden Rocks 2015

Camden has long been a musical hot spot.  Whether it’s Britpop or punk rock, it’s been key to more than one musical revolution.  So a one day festival encompassing a whole host of venues makes perfect sense.  Enter Camden Rocks, which features over two hundred bands, ranging from Bullet for My Valentine to competition winners.  There was also beer, oh so much beer.

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Sonisphere Review: Friday

Image courtesy of Sonisphere
Image courtesy of Sonisphere

So last weekend was the return of Sonisphere, something I’m sure the majority of rock and metal fans were very happy about.  I managed to make my way to the festival and watch a whole bunch of fantastic (and not so fantastic) bands do their thing, so read on for Ramblings About’s official opinion on everyone we managed to catch at Knebworth.

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