Love Zombies – Passionfruit

There’s a pretty good chance that one day I will look back and split my life into two distinct sections. Pre and post ‘Robots & Aliens’. The stupidly infectious song from Love Zombies has been running through my head ever since I first put on Passionfruit and I’m genuinely not sure it will ever leave. To be honest, I might even be okay with that.

Because that’s what Love Zombies do; they write ridiculously catchy pop songs that you can’t help but love. Even as someone who spends most of their time plugged into hardcore and metal there is something undeniable about songs like ‘Birthday’, even if it is about the problems of wanting to end a relationship on someone’s special day.

A lot of that unbridled enthusiasm is down to the brilliance of lead singer Hollis. Anyone who has seen Love Zombies live will be aware of her Debbie Harry-esque charisma, and it shines through on this album. She may be singing choruses so big that they could take a decent chunk out of Tokyo but there’s an edge to her vocals that means she can deliver lines like ‘you never ever get me flowers, you only wanna get down my trousers’ on ‘Fast & Frantic’.

The fact is you could pick any single song on this album and talk about how it will leave you bouncing up and down like a three-year-old at their own birthday party. It is the kind of music designed to make you happy, and you’d have to be a bit of a miserable bugger to stop it doing so.

Listen, if you do only enjoy music that sounds like it slipped out of hell for a day to wreck havoc on your ear drums then yea, Love Zombies might not be for you. But then again, I’m a bit of a fan of that stuff myself, and I adore this album. Even the rather silly bonus track, ‘Love Zombies Theme’ is so delightfully amusing that I’m willing to forgive how cheesy it is. Just be warned, there is more than one song on here that once you’ve heard, you’ll never be able to forget.


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