Stardom 8th Anniversary (14/1/19) Review

For the first of their two anniversary shows, Stardom put together one hell of a card. We got debuts, title shots and more, with a couple of matches that had the potential to be real special. Did they live up to that? Well, let’s go find out.

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Stardom New Years Stars (6/1/19) Review

After five shows in five days, Stardom finished their first run of 2019 off in Osaka. It’s not a shabby way to end either, as we’re getting another big main event from Starlight Kid as she attempts to take Hazuki’s High Speed Championship. Shall we see what happened? I think so.

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Stardom New Years Stars (2/1/19) Review

Credit: Stardom

With the dawn of a New Year, I have decided to start watching Stardom. Joshi is a bit of an unknown to me, and this seems as good a place to start as any. I do now need to point out that I am going into these shows with little to no background knowledge, so be nice. My understanding of characters and feuds will grow as we go along, so until then, we can all have some fun with it, can’t we? However, if you are looking for in-depth reviews leave it a couple of months. At the moment, I’m just going to be getting to grips with things.

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