Ice Ribbon #1029 (14/3/20) Review

Credit: Ice Ribbon

Here’s a rarity, an Ice Ribbon review of a show that happened relatively recently. This went out on Samurai TV, giving me a chance to watch it before it gets too out of date and also providing us with more wrestling to beat away those Corona blues.

A wee reminder before I get started that this is only the third Ice Ribbon show I’ve watched, so don’t expect me to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the promotion. If I make mistakes/miss anything important or obvious, please let me know. I like learning about things.

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Ice Ribbon #1026 ~ RE:BORN (24/2/20) Review

Smaller promotions = limited picture choice. Credit: Ice Ribbon

A quick reminder that this is only the second Ice Ribbon show I’ve reviewed, so I’m still not attuned to the promotion. If I make any unforgivable mistakes or miss out on anything major, please let me know in the comments as I am here to learn. That aside, let’s watch some wrestling!

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Ice Ribbon #1018 In Skip City (13/1/20) Review

Credit: Ice Ribbon

It’s 2020, and a new year always brings with it a chance to dive into some new and exciting wrestling. I’ve made it a bit of a tradition to pick a new company to try out every January, and while this year’s attempts are a bit delayed thanks to my trip to Japan, it’s a tradition that shall continue. So, welcome to my first ever Ice Ribbon review. In fact, it’s not only my first review but the first show I’ve ever watched. That means I don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, so if you’re a hardcore fan, please keep that in mind and be nice to me. Although, do feel free to point out any mistakes I make in the comments as I’m always happy to be educated.

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