AEW All Out (31/8/19) Review

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Credit: AEW

Every AEW show feels like a big one this early in their fledgeling life as a wrestling company, but with their TV debut drawing ever closer, keeping the momentum up has to be their prime goal. Could All Out do that? Or would it be their first major misstep?

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Mae Young Classic 2018 Episode 5 Review

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Tugging on the heartstrings. Credit: WWE

Things are heating up as we head into round two of The Mae Young Classic. Oh, I sounded like Michael Cole. Jokes aside, this is when things gets interesting. WWE have put together an impressive last sixteen, so if these women are given the time to do what they do best, we could get some incredible matches. (With that in mind, I’ll be going back to star ratings. As most of the rookies are gone, I think it’s fair).

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Mae Young Classic Semi-Final Review

The face of someone who knows something bad is about to happen. Credit: WWE

We’re into the semi-finals and it’s time for the Mae Young Classic to step up. Through no fault of the women involved and every fault of the minutes they’ve been given, the first few rounds have been good but unspectacular. All four of these wrestlers have equipped themselves well, but just needed a little bit more time to really show what they could do. With only two matches on this show, it should be their moment. Let’s hand out those stars.

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Mae Young Classic Quarter Finals Review

Wrestlers who love wrestling. Credit: WWE

We’re into the quarter finals of the Mae Young Classic and the action is steadily improving. We’re still yet to see anything like the highs of the Cruiserweight tournament, but with the competitors left there is still plenty of time for that to happen. Once again, I won’t be mentioning JR and Lita because they suck. Right, let’s dish out some stars.

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Mae Young Classic Episode 5 and 6 Review

Sixteen left. Credit: WWE

After a decent start to proceedings, the Mae Young Classic has cut out some of the deadwood as we move into round two. Most of the wrestlers left can work and there’s a handful who are truly special so the match quality should only improve from here. Once again, I won’t be bothering with talking about JR and Lita, they still suck. Let’s hand out some stars.

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