The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)

The poster makes it clear that this probably won’t be a cheery ride.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer is the cinematic equivalent of being slowly choked out. At the start it’s uncomfortable, but tinged with a degree of humour at the ridiculousness of the situation. The clipped dialogue that is becoming Yorgos Lantihmos’s trademark makes regular conversations awkward. However, it also makes them funny. The matter of fact way that Colin Farrell’s Steven Murphy tells his colleague that his daughter has started menstruating catches you off guard and the laugh escapes your lips before you can stop it.

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The film industry is not against destroying childhood loves.  This years Postman Pat Movie, saw Pat replaced by an army of Terminators and the Transformers series is so far removed from its toy based past, that it may as well be a different concept entirely.  Therefore, it is no surprise that a few people were a bit worried about Paddington.  Paddington Bear has played a part in nearly every British child’s life at some point and the idea of a soulless Hollywood take on the marmalade loving fellow is heartbreaking.  Thankfully, this is far from that.

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