NXT TakeOver: The End Review


NXT TakeOver: The End has proven to be many things, but despite rumours it does not seem to signal the end of NXT. For one thing, they have a TV taping tomorrow so that would be a massive waste of time. What it definitely was, is yet another great wrestling show for WWE’s supposed developmental territory.

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NXT TakeOver: The End Preview


NXT TakeOver: The End has set some people all a tither. With the brand split now confirmed rumours have been swirling that The End might be more literal than we thought. While I can claim no insider knowledge, I think it’s safe to say that idea is mental. WWE’s developmental system is one of the most entertaining wrestling shows on the go and getting rid of it would rank in the top three dumb Vinnie Mac ideas. Which considering he once tried to take on the NFL is impressive. Whatever is due to happen in the months following The End, it is tough to see this being anything but another brilliant NXT show.

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