NXT: A Problem?

I have written a lot about my love for NXT, it is the best wrestling product on TV at this point in time and it is the only one I actually make the effort to watch on a regular basis.  However, inspired by a conversation on The Art of Wrestling, I want to take a slightly different look at NXT and how its success might actually end up being a bad thing.

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WWE Women’s Division

I feel like I have covered how awesome NXT is.  It’s the only televised wrestling I actually watch on a weekly basis and I genuinely think it’s the best thing WWE has done for a long time.  Therefore, you probably don’t need to hear me say that NXT Takeover: Rivals was another fantastic show, topped off with three absolutely brilliant main events.  If you like wrestling and haven’t watched it, then do so now.  If you don’t like wrestling, give it a chance anyway, it might surprise you.  However, that’s not what I’ve decided to discuss.  Instead, lets look at women’s wrestling in the WWE.

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NXT Takeover: Revolution

Slowly but surely, NXT has become one of the best wrestling programs on TV.  Led by Triple H and featuring some of the best young, up and coming wrestlers in the world, it is the future of the WWE.  Or at least it will be, if they don’t fuck it up.  Last night they had their latest Takeover event, Revolution.  These NXT versions of a PPV are some of the best shows WWE has put on this year and last night was no exception.

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