Halestorm – Into the Wild Life

If history suggests anything, it should suggest that Halestorm are not the band for me.  Actually, it suggests a lot more than that, but for the sake of this review that’s stick with it.  On the surface its middle of the road radio rock and the first time I heard them that’s exactly what I thought.  However, a couple of years after that first listen, I still find myself going back.  Because as much as Halestorm haven’t reinvented the wheel, the wheels they are making are full of the kind of big choruses that it’s hard to reject.

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The Rise of the Panther

A hair metal band singing songs about gloryholes.  If you were asked, you probably wouldn’t pinpoint that as the kind of band who could headline Wembley Arena.  Yet, somehow this last weekend saw that happen, as Steel Panther continued their remarkable rise to the top of the rock and roll food chain.  Yet how have they done it?  How have a band, that on first glance are little more than an elaborate joke, achieved so much?

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God Gave Rock and Roll to Us.

Gene Simmons’ regularly proves that he is a man who speaks of thing he knows fuck all about.  For all I, and many others, love Kiss and the music they have released, the man is a fucking cunt.  In the last few days he’s piped about something that you would think he does know something about, rock and roll, and proved on that subject he also doesn’t have a fucking club.  Rock and roll is dead?  My fucking arse it’s dead.

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Rock and Roll

Every couple of years some twat who has never actually seen a guitar writes an article claiming that ‘guitar music is dead’, as if it is some great scoop and actually true.  Which of course it isn’t, yes bands with guitars more often than not fail to top the charts, which is instead full of soulless crap (in the majority anyway), but any slight scratch below the surface shows that music with guitars is far from dead.  However, is it still cool?  I mean of course it’s cool, but is it really cool?  There was a time when rockstars were the coolest fuckers on the planet and had an amazing ability to do more drugs, drink more booze and fraternise with more young women than anyone else.  Is that era dead?  Are the current wave of rock bands lacking that little bit of va va voom?

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The Treatment – Running With the Dogs

There are very few good young band who you could call a pure rock band.  Oh I’m not talking about industrial post-hardcore slightly blackened metal bands.  There are loads of all that shite, but pure rock and roll?  Outside of Airbourne or The Black Spiders there are very few that aim to uphold the values of The Crue and G ‘N’ R.  Well The Treatment are out to change that.  These likely lads from Cambridge have released their second album Running With The Dogs and are desperate to prove that rock is far from dead. 

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