The Treatment – Running With the Dogs

There are very few good young band who you could call a pure rock band.  Oh I’m not talking about industrial post-hardcore slightly blackened metal bands.  There are loads of all that shite, but pure rock and roll?  Outside of Airbourne or The Black Spiders there are very few that aim to uphold the values of The Crue and G ‘N’ R.  Well The Treatment are out to change that.  These likely lads from Cambridge have released their second album Running With The Dogs and are desperate to prove that rock is far from dead. 

Like all good rock albums this means they start with a song talking about exactly why rock and roll is as awesome as it is.  “I Bleed Rock and Roll” does exactly what it says on the tin and to be honest if you can’t guess what it sounds like you’re not trying hard enough.  From there on in The Treatment continue to deliver what you want.  Big choruses, big riffs and enough rock and roll hooks to have even the greats pay attention.  Whether it’s the Western tinged “Intro/The Outlaw” or the Steel Panther without the crudity of “Get the Party On” these guys are out for a good time.

Now the biggest problem with an album like this is always the question of why we should care.  I own every AC/DCAerosmith and Airbourne album, along with a host of others, so why should I waste another tenner on Running With the Dogs and the truth is there is very little you won’t have heard here before.  When the band do change it up on the more ballad like “Cloud Across the Sun” and “Unchain My World” it’s not bad, but you have to be prepared for a big plate of cheese to come with your track.  However, that’s not to say there’s nothing to make this band stand out.  There is enough youthful energy and love of what they are doing shining through on this album that the fact you’ve heard it all before doesn’t matter, because it’s just damn good fun.

Running With the Dogs is an album that is made to ape The Treatment’s hero’s and in doing so there is a damn good chance they’ve aped one of your hero’s too.  However, there is enough youthful vibrancy and modern fun that it survives all of that.  It’s also clear that one day The Treatment could be one hell of a rock and roll band.  So if you are fed up of your music being complicated by the sub genres of sub genres go and grab a hold of Running With The Dogs and spend an evening rocking out, you won’t regret it.

For Fan Of: AC/DC, Aerosmith, Motley Crus

Choice Cuts: “Intro/The Outlaw”, “Get the Party On”


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