Paddington 2 (2017)

I love that bear.

In a world where recent surprises have tended to be a bit scary, Paddington was a shot of joy. That famous little bear was adapted for the modern world and it turned out that he was maybe what we all needed. Of course, such success could only mean one thing. A sequel. Suddenly, the worries were setting in. Could that magic be captured twice? Or would Paddington’s beauty be twisted into a corporate cash cow?

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X+Y sits in an unusual place.  On one hand, it’s a sweet look at a young maths prodigy trying to find a place in the world.  He goes to the International Mathematical Olympiad, meets a girl and discovers that there is more to the world than numbers.  On the other hand, that same prodigy registers on the spectrum and just doesn’t understand how people work.  His father died at a young age and his mother struggles to connect with him.  His mentor suffers from multiple sclerosis and he discovers that even in the world of the super smart, bullying is still a major issue.

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The film industry is not against destroying childhood loves.  This years Postman Pat Movie, saw Pat replaced by an army of Terminators and the Transformers series is so far removed from its toy based past, that it may as well be a different concept entirely.  Therefore, it is no surprise that a few people were a bit worried about Paddington.  Paddington Bear has played a part in nearly every British child’s life at some point and the idea of a soulless Hollywood take on the marmalade loving fellow is heartbreaking.  Thankfully, this is far from that.

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