DDT Summer Vacation (23/7/20) Review

Getting some height. Credit: DDT

If Tokyo Joshi is back in Korakuen, you can bet DDT was going to fall straight after them. Their sister brand set a mighty high bar earlier in the day, so it was time to see if they could hurdle over it.

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DDT TV Show Episode 8 (27/6/20) Review

Something tells me this wasn’t a moment of respect to Masa. Credit: DDT

With the world (well, parts of it) returning to normal, it was time to say goodbye to the DDT TV Show. They went out with a bang, though, delivering two big title challenges. Was it a newsworthy show or was the status quo retained? Time to find out.

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DDT Wrestle Peter Pan (6/6/20) Review

Things are going to get violent. Credit: DDT

The doors might be locked, but DDT is still going to give us a Peter Pan, and, in a totally original idea, it’s too big for one day. Our first slice of that cake was the more, em, over the top one? I think that’s fair to say when you take the main event into account. However, if you’re not down for that, you’re probably watching the wrong company.

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