Skindred w/ Raging Speedhorn & Perpetua

JD and Coke, heavy metal and Marshall and Skindred on a Friday night. Some things just work and damn that last one works. In fact, Skindred on any day of the week gets the thumbs up, but with the joy of knowing that there’s no work tomorrow and you can sleep away the repercussions of the party, well that’s just lovely.

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There’s a common misconception that Skindred are purely a live band.  While there is no denying that you haven’t truly experienced Skindred until you have seen them live.  It does hide the fact that they have one hell of a back catalogue.  While their last album, Kill the Power, seemed to be an attempt to shoot for the stars and may have failed (although I personally quite liked it) their discography to that point had been near flawless.  Joining those lofty standards is Volume and it’s unsurprisingly brilliant.

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Weekly Playlist 21/3/14

Alright, as the whole every Monday thing has failed, I’ve decided to reinvent this.  I am currently doing a radio show every Friday at 12 on Radio ENRG, which can be found here.  So I figured from now on I’d just post up the playlist from my show after the fact!  Now I’m a couple of weeks behind, so I will start with week one, but the radio station is off air next week so that will allow me to catch up and then I’ll slip another one in during the week at some point.  So here is week one of Stuart’s Alternative Hour (inventive title isn’t it?)


The only track not on Spotify was GutterGodz – “All I Want to do is Rock ‘N’ Roll” which you can find here.  

Skindred – Kill the Power

Skindred should be the biggest band on the planet.  I know I started my live review in the exact same way, but I’m going to keep saying it until it’s true.  With the release of their 5th album, Kill the Power, Skindred look to continue proving me right (spoiler: they have) and continue their quest to try and capture their live energy on record, with their supposed failure to do so the one criticism that tends to be launched their way.

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Skindred w/ SOiL and Viza. 27th January 2014 at Glasgow O2 ABC.

I thought this picture looked a lot better when I first took it.

The fact that Skindred aren’t the biggest band in the world right now is a tragedy.  However, it is reassuring to look out over the Glasgow ABC and see that while it isn’t sold out, they have pulled one of the biggest crowds I’ve seen them play to outside of festival bills.  Maybe the message is finally getting out there about these incredible performers.

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