Skindred – Kill the Power

Skindred should be the biggest band on the planet.  I know I started my live review in the exact same way, but I’m going to keep saying it until it’s true.  With the release of their 5th album, Kill the Power, Skindred look to continue proving me right (spoiler: they have) and continue their quest to try and capture their live energy on record, with their supposed failure to do so the one criticism that tends to be launched their way.

Well the second “Kill the Power” drops in that excuse should be chucked out the window.  With it’s big sing along ooh’s and merge of hip-hop, reggae, rock and metal it can’t be pigeon-holed in a  genre, its just Skindred.  What’s amazing is that after so many albums of genre smashing (forgive the cliche) metal, these guys are still able to do something new.  Whether it be the fist in the air (whisper it now) ballad esque “We Live” or the completely stripped back “More Fire”, which see’s Benji and co embracing their reggae side, Skindred know how to reinvent the rule book and are unafraid to do so.

That’s not to say fans of a good old fashioned bounce along Skindred track should worry.  They still have that power.  Tracks like lead single “Ninja” and “The Kids Are Right Now” make sure that Skindred haven’t lost their metal cred and they can still send audiences across the world batshit insane.  While the fact that every radio station on the planet hasn’t picked up “Saturday” and “Worlds On Fire” as fantastic examples of radio friendly dance infused heavy metal suggests that there are some people not doing their jobs.

This album just continues to cement Skindred as one of the best bands on the planet full stop.  It’s full of huge choruses, big riffs and Benji doing his stuff in a way that only Benji can.  It’s just great.  Will it make them the biggest band in the world?  Sadly probably not, the world seems determined not to accept Skindred.  However, as someone who has cottoned on to the fact that these guys are incredible I shouldn’t complain too much, as there is just all the more for us.

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