Stardom Throwback: Stardom X Stardom – Nanae Takahashi’s 15th Anniversary (24/7/11) Review

Our first champ! Credit: Stardom

Stardom’s first trip to Korakuen Hall coincided with Nanae Takahashi’s 15th anniversary, leading to a packed building and a chance for the company to make a statement. They sought to do so by putting together their biggest card yet and one which has spawned at least one iconic match (although it’s probably not the one anyone would have expected). On top of that, they created two titles and picked up another, which has to go down as being a pretty good day in the office.

Quick note, you might notice that this show isn’t on Stardom World. On the whole, I’ll be sticking to things they have uploaded, but this felt like such a biggie that I had to search it out. Fingers crossed Rossy will forgive me.

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Ramblings About’s Top Ten Matches Of August 2019

Spoiler. Credit: NJPW

Alright, even I will admit that this is taking the piss levels of late. I’d feel guilty, but I doubt anyone is sitting around waiting for it, so I’m not going to beat myself up too much. Plus, there has been a shitload of wrestling recently which combined with my life being a bit nuts has put this on the back burner. I do hope my one fan can forgive me.

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Stardom X Stardom (10/8/19) Review

Credit: Stardom

A quick note before we start, the hard camera for this show was all over the place. It hadn’t been stabilised and was wobbling about. There also appeared to be a couple of people having a quiet chat right next to it which was picked up on the microphone at times. Neither issue was a disaster, but if you are annoyed by things like that, you’re going to have a rough time.

Anyway, it’s Stardom at Korakuen which is almost guaranteed to be a good time at this point. Throw in Jungle Kyona vs Arisa Hoshiki, and you can probably upgrade the good to lovely.

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