NJPW World Tag League (1/12/19) Review

Pow! Credit: NJPW

How is this tour still going? It feels like I’ve been reviewing these shows forever. Will it ever stop? Can it stop? Am I stuck in an infinite loop that will eventually see me drown in mediocre tag-team wrestling? Christ, what a shite way to go.

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NJPW World Tag League (28/11/19) Review

EVIL takes a second to gloat. Credit: NJPW

The hallowed halls of Korakuen. Damn, it was nice to see Tag League back within its walls. I think we’re over halfway through this thing? With everyone having wrestled a different number of matches, it’s hard to tell, but we have to be, right? It finishes next week, so we better be.

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NJPW World Tag League (24/11/19) Review

The totally fresh match-up that we’ve all been screaming for. Credit: NJPW

Tag League trundled on into Aichi with FinJuice, CHAOS and LIJ proving themselves the early contenders. I don’t think there are any surprises there? GOD dropping a couple of falls is a slight shock, but even that doesn’t blow my mind. The champs don’t need to win, do they? Anyway, as I explained in my previous review, unless something incredible happens (in this use of the word, incredible means a good match) I’m keeping these short.

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NJPW Power Struggle (3/11/19) Review

Is that a bump only a man cleared to wrestle would take? Credit: NJPW

Power Struggle is our last big stop before Wrestle Kingdom (no-one counts Tag League), and I expect to come out the back of this show with more of an idea of what to expect on January 4th and 5th. The big question? Is BUSHI challenging Will a sign that Hiromu is returning? Or is my heart going to be hurt once more?

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