Ramblings About’s Matches of the Month for April 2022

Falling with style. Credit: TJPW

Heads up, this is a long one. For whatever reason, April has been a particularly great month of wrestling, and it was only when I sat down to edit this that I realised quite how unwieldy it had gotten. Still, that just means there is more exciting stuff to enjoy, and that’s no bad thing, right?

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TJPW Spring Tour (29/4/22) Review

The future champ? Credit: TJPW

With Golden Week underway in Japan, we are in the midst of wrestling overload. TJPW alone are running four shows, so the odds of me keeping up with everything are slim. Still, I do try to review all the live Tokyo Joshi events, and I’m not one to give up at the first hurdle (unless it’s really high), so let’s get into event number one.

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TJPW Winter (5/3/22) Review

Ready for Sumo Hall! Credit: TJPW

Grand Princess is getting awfully close, and this is TJPW’s final serious stop before they get there (they ran a Wrestle Universe Members show on Sunday, but those are inherently silly). We’ve got the full card, so all that’s left is to drum up that little bit of extra excitement. To be honest, I probably don’t need it, but I’m happy to get it anyway.

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