Stardom Saki Kashima’s Homecoming (23/6/19) Review

Credit: Stardom

After their two show day in Osaka, Stardom headed to Shimane for Saki Kashima’s Homecoming. Unsurprisingly, she got herself a spot on the main event as STARS once again challenge Tokyo Cyber Squad for the Artist of Stardom Titles. They better not win! This is a pro-TCS website.

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Ramblings About’s Top Ten Matches Of April 2019

Spoiler. Credit: NJPW

Hello friends, April was a busy old month for the wrassling, wasn’t it? That little thing called WrestleMania grabbed everyone’s attention for a bit, but it was far from alone. Unfortunately, that means there is a lot of stuff I haven’t watched. I’ve barely scratched the surface of the Champion’s Carnival, and haven’t even got around to watching Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan. Still, there is a load I have seen, and that was packed with exciting matches.

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