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Image courtesy of Download Festival

Festival season is up and running and while festivals like Bloodstock have been pulling out exciting line ups involving the returning Emperor and the always loved Megadeth Download have held off on letting the cat out of the bag on their headliners for next summer.  That is until today, when Andy Copping and co have decided to let the first of said cats out of said bag and let the world know exactly who they can expect to see when they are set up in that beautiful field down Donnington way.

It’s hardly a surprise announcement of course.  Avenged Sevenfold have seemed a shoe in ever since Hail to the King hit number one in both the UK and the US and Coppo has duly obliged.  Now it’s up to those Californian rockers to prove that all the hype is worth it and they really do deserve to be at the top of the bill.  While Hail to the Kinmay have been successful it has been argued by many (including myself)  that it’s not actually that good and suggests that creatively Avenged are lacking in anything new and exciting.  On the other hand they have in the past released music that shows these guys could be the biggest metal band in the world and lets be honest, we need some new headliners.  If nothing else the announcement has led to these hilarious responses.

Joining Avenged on the bill is the ridiculous over the top stage show of Mr. Rob Zombie, who while possibly lacking in the credible music he made his name for in White Zombie, does bring some rather big tunes and a stage show that is only really bested by those German blokes who sings about pussy.  You don’t really get a more solid festival booking that Rob and his appearance below Avenged suggests Copping is aware of some of the idiots that will be out to complain.

The next headliner is being announced tomorrow at 8 am and the final on Wednesday so keep an eye out if you are at all interested in getting drunk in a field next year.

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