Download announcement 2: Electric Boogaloo

Image courtesy of Download Festival

Oh Mr Copping. After causing the Internet to explode with yesterday’s Download announcement, you only went and topped it this morning by announcing the second headliner and another special guest.  Here’s my latest reaction to the Download announcements.

For years I have been saying I would like to see Linkin Park, but only if they promised to play all old stuff.  Therefore, Linkin Park being announced to play Download and play Hybrid Theory in it’s entirety is possibly the only way I would ever go and see Linkin Park.  It still hardly fills me with excitement though.  However, people complaining about this booking are idiots to be honest.  In terms of commercial success this will be huge and I fully expect Download to not suffer because of it.  I do feel Linkin Park are a bit of a safe option and it’s not exactly been a long time since they last headlined.  However, having taken a risk with Avenged it makes sense to have one safe option.

I grew up loving Fall Out Boy just because I was of that generation.  Saying that Save Rock and Roll was really really pish.  So in that respect they’ve hit Linkin Park territory for me, in that if they promised to only play old stuff I might be interested.  However, again they are a very safe, strong booking as a lot of people who want to see them since they’ve returned have not had the chance yet and with Linkin Park and Avenged on the bill as well, who are arguably bands that people who love Fall Out Boy are going to be very interested in seeing, I would be surprised if Download didn’t sell plenty of tickets.

The Download line up is really on the fence for me at the moment.  I don’t particularly love any of the announced bands but they’re all good enough that if the rest of the line up is really strong I won’t have any problem shelling out for a ticket.  Presumably they will be going for heavier second stage headliners with this line-up and if they get some very good bands in I will still be tempted.  If it doesn’t do anything for me though I shall just have to keep my eyes on Bloodstock and Hevy (if it returns after last year) and see whether they are more suited to my taste.  I shall not however be calling Andy Copping a cunt you fuckwits.


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