John Terry – Captain, Leader, Hero

Terry, the legend

Terry, the legend

Last weekend John Terry made his 400th league appearance for Chelsea and scored his 34th league goal.  This took his Chelsea tally up to 594 appearances and 57 goals.  In that time he has won 3 EPL titles, 5 FA Cups, 2 League Cups, 2 Community Shields and has played a part, if not actually playing in the final, in a Champions League and a Europa League title.  Yet there are still people who would argue with you whether John Terry is a world class player.  Do you know why?  Because he’s a cunt.  There is no denying that fact, history proves it.  However, right here right now, I am going to make the case that that doesn’t matter.  And John Terry the footballer still deserves your respect and your admiration.

Firstly Terry is one of the most loyal footballers of the modern age.  Outside of Manchester United that kind of attachment to a club doesn’t really exist any more.  The man is Chelsea through and through and besides a short loan spell at Nottingham Forest has never played elsewhere.  It got to the point last year where many fans were of the opinion that it might be better if he did leave, but he stuck in and with the return of Mourinho this season we have seen a revitalised Terry, despite the fact the team around him often faltering.

Despite his tendency to shag the wifes of his teammates Terry has also proven himself the perfect captain.  Few players have the natural on pitch leadership qualities he does and Terry has never been afraid to stick his head in where it might hurt.  It’s an attribute that has led to him serving as Chelsea’s main man since 2004 and England’s captain on two separate occasions, admittedly neither of which ended very well.  He’s brave, tough and doesn’t take shit from anyone.  They’re attributes that have got him into trouble many times, but the Chelsea defence would not have been the same over the last 10 years without them.

Away from defence, Terry is the highest scoring natural defender in Premiership history.  34 goals in the league, usually coming from corners, and he’s still adding to his total now.  Terry can always be relied on to chip in with a few each season and he adds an extra dimension to a Chelsea team that have always been heavy on using set pieces to their advantage.

There’s also always been a myth that Terry is not that good with the ball at his feet.  Which just isn’t true.  While he may not have the natural ball control of a David Luiz, he is actually probably more successful than that bomb scare when it comes to what he actually does with it.  This article is slightly out of date but it shows that when it comes to English defenders Terry not only has the best passing accuracy this season but is actually the one most likely to try and play the pass.  A large part of how Chelsea have played in the past centred around Terry and his ability to play the ball out from the back, and yet he has rarely received credit for it.

Is John Terry a good role model for your kids?  Of course he fucking isn’t.  But why should he be?  This idea that footballers have some sort of responsibility towards you and your spawn is bullshit.  As long as they give their all on the pitch then they’ve done their job.  And when you look at what Terry is on the pitch: brave, loyal, determined and a winner, then he’s maybe not that bad a role model after all.  The simple fact is John Terry is a fantastic professional football player.  You can call that an opinion but the statistics disagree.  In his career he has done it all and for that he deserves your respect.


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