Some real ramblings about football

Derek Mcinnes: the man to change Aberdeen’s fortunes?

While – if my ode to John Terry didn’t make it clear – I am a Chelsea fan, the team closest to my heart when it comes to football is Aberdeen, it’s where I was born, raised and I’ve spent many a cold day huddled up at Pittodrie, miserable and bored as I watched a selection of awful Aberdeen players trudge around a football pitch.  Therefore, this season has been a bit weird.  Mainly because we seem to actually be quite good.

Before this season I hadn’t seen Aberdeen win a game since the start of the 09/10 season, despite going to at least a handful each year (I moved away from the city so gave up my season ticket).  That curse was finally broken at Hibs a few months back and I can safely say there are few Aberdeen victories I’ve enjoyed more, apart from those against either side of the scum/Old Firm.

I’m not really going to talk about my own Aberdeen supporting career here though (although I realise that’s all I’ve done so far) but more the experience of supporting a poor team that suddenly starts playing well.  There is always one or two teams that do it each season and in my experience their fans always face it with a mixture of joy but also an overriding sense of suspicion.  It’s a similar mixture of emotions that I have gone through myself this season.  I am overjoyed at Aberdeen’s start to the season, but I am constantly waiting for it all to go wrong and the season to go off the rails.  I thought it was going to happen the first time we lost to Celtic and Hearts and yet it didn’t!  As we bounced back well.  I then thought it would happen the second time we lost to that same combo and yet since then we’ve won three on the trot while conceding none.  It’s ridiculous, yet brilliant.  This brings me to the crux of the issue.  Is there anything in life that we allow to disappoint us so much, and actively expect disappointment , in the same way we do our football teams?  If your spouse or friends did it you would throw them to the curb.  If your family did it you might decide they weren’t worth the hassle.  You just wouldn’t put up with it.

This is even more strange when you realise that I don’t think I know a single football fan who is completely happy with their team.  Most of them are downright miserable.  When I see Manchester United fans complaining about how horrible their season has been I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  The speed at which they have forgotten year after year of success and have started complaining about how shit they are and how their team is over and ‘oh gosh we have to be mid-table’ is ridiculous.  They don’t have a clue what supporting a shit team is like.

Yet as I say this I am aware that Chelsea fans are just as bad.  The amount of people complaining about our season is ridiculous.  It wasn’t long ago where being in the top four was a huge achievement for us.  We are now complaining about the fact that in mid-December we are in a position where we could go top of the league this week and are still in the Champions League.  It’s idiotic.

I think the sad fact is that football fans love to be miserable and it’s why they can never accept when their teams are doing well.  They sit and wait for things to go wrong again and then feel justified in their worries when they do.  People are so pleased to be miserable that they are actively seeking it out.  Even as I sit here complaining about it I’m well aware that I’m exactly the same.  I won’t ever give up my football teams and I won’t ever stop expecting them to be make me miserable and sadly the fact that, that is the case makes me quite happy.  A football teams for life not just for Christmas and even if Aberdeen’s season goes tits up and we slip into our usual stream of mediocrity you can bet we’ll all be there next season ready to be disappointed again.


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