Truckfighters – Universe

Entering the world of Truckfighters is always an interesting experience, despite originating in Sweden they sound like they’ve come straight out of Palm Desert, California in a fog of smoke.  Their fourth album Universe came out in February and is a collection of stoner rock tracks drenched in the world of Kyuss and co.

Opening with one of the shortest tracks on the album, “Mind Control”, it’s lack of length (it comes in at a rather normal three minutes 57 seconds) doesn’t prevent it being jam packed with enough groove filled riffs to fill even the most riff starved person to breaking point.  It sounds like it was recorded in someone’s garage and yet that never becomes an issue as you get swept up in this sludgy fuzz filled world.

From there on in the rest of the album unravels just as you’d expect.  Every track is full of riffs that other bands would kill for, whether it be the short sharp Queen of the Stone Age esque burst of “Convention” or the long drawn out “Mastodont”, which if you walked out of the room half way through and came back in as it swirls it’s way through an acoustic section you’d probably assume was a completely different song, this album never fails to deliver exactly what you want.  Dango’s guitar playing is other worldly and there has to be a million wannabe axemen out there banging there heads off the wall in frustration knowing they will never reach this level.

Universe is an album that is never going to burst the charts or even change the world.  However, fans of this kind of music will fall in love with it all the same.  Truckfighters are so effortlessly cool that it is impossible to listen to this album and not just want to be them.  Everything they do is tinged with the faint reek of awesome and their latest exploration into this fuzz filled world is one I wouldn’t miss out on.

For Fans Of: Kyuss

Choice Cuts: The Chairman, Dream Sale


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