Comeback Kid – Die Knowing

Comeback Kid may have a name that makes them sound like  a boy band (or is that just me?) but it hasn’t prevented the group that was originally started as a side project from releasing five albums of hardcore goodness.  Album number five, Die Knowing, has recently hit the shelves and see’s this Canadian band doing what they do best.

Now the first thing anyone who is paying attention may notice, is that this review is going to be a huge contradiction to a review I did just a few days ago, in which I slated I Killed the Prom Queen for doing nothing new or interesting on their latest album, but instead just following the metalcore grind.  You see the truth is that Comeback Kid are in a similar boat.  This is a hardcore record, there is little to make it stand out from any other US hardcore record, despite the fact it’s actually Canadian, and I am well aware of that.  However,  I just happen to like hardcore a hell of a lot more than I do nearly any other genre.

If you haven’t guessed I quite like this album.  It’s hardcore done by the book but by a band who know the book damn well and have added a few notes to it themselves.  Tracks like “Somewhere in this Miserable” are dripping with attitude and are just made to be screamed along with while going mental at a gig.  While the title track has a great evil sounding riff running through it while Andrew Neufield preaches over the top.  There are moments like that all through this album, whether it’s the shout along “Should Know Better” or the sneering chorus of “Didn’t Even Mind” it’s an album that is full of memorable tracks.

So yea, Comeback Kid haven’t rewritten the rulebook, they’ve released a hardcore album that sounds like a hardcore album and there isn’t much more to that.  But when you are this good at what you do it doesn’t really matter that you do nothing new, because the music is just good.

For Fans of: hardcore

Choice cuts: Wasted Arrows, Didn’t Even Mind

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