Savage Messiah – The Fateful Dark

Some bands can be figured out by one glance at their name.  Savage Messiah are one of those bands.  With a name like that and an album title like The Fateful Dark, you know you’re in for old school heavy metal, widdly guitars and all.  These London thrashers are now onto their fourth album and despite their ever growing success are still very much part of the metal underground.

The Fateful Dark see’s Savage Messiah sticking to a formula they know well.  They are a band who wears their influences on their sleeve and that makes them easy to spot.  There’s a bit of everything from Metallica to Judas Priest to Slayer on this album and as they rip through tracks like “Hellblazer” you can’t help but bang your head, sit back and enjoy.

Despite all the good moments there is still a lot about this album that is far from perfect.  Dave Silver’s vocals never quite hit into gear and they lack that bite you need when throwing yourself into a thrash metal track.  On the more over the top New Wave of British Heavy Metal tracks, like “Cross of Babylon”, it works alright as he strives to hit those big notes.  However, as the rest of the band rip into a politically tinged thrash tracks like “Minority of One”, it feels like Silver is reading from a different hymn book to the rest of the group.

Even with these issues Fearful Dark is still a good heavy metal album.  You can’t help but enjoy yourself as Silver and Dave Bailey shred their way through these tracks and on the likes of “Hammered Down” the bellow along choruses are made for sweaty gigs and too much alcohol.  Savage Messiah are a band that have an obvious place in the world and an obvious market and as long they keep writing big heavy metal tunes, the world will be a better place for it.


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