Combichrist – We Love You

“Please don’t forget we love you, but now you have to die.”  We Love You is an album that doesn’t take long to establish it’s themes.  Whether you want to call it aggrotech or electronic death metal, Combichrist are a band that are at home in an angry world full of jagged electronic sounds that are designed to have fans flipping tables.

That’s not to say there aren’t some more club friendly moments here.  Take the lyrics out of  “We Rule the World Motherfuckers” and replace them with something a bit more radio friendly and you could easily see it being a hit.  There is no denying Combichrist’s metal cred but in the same breath it would be stupid to deny their electronic and dance elements.

They are also a band that at times wears their influences a bit too openly on their sleeve.  “The Evil In Me” is a full blown Johnny Cash love in with an acoustic backing and Andy LaPlegua doing his best gravely impression of the great man in his later days.  While there are few men who deserve honouring more, on this particular occasion it’s almost to obvious, making it feel less like tribute and more like parody.   Elsewhere “Denial’s” dark electronic sound could easily be mistaken as a Nine Inch Nails b-side.

Despite these problems there are enough ‘bangers’ (if you’ll excuse the word) to make this album worthwhile.  The likes of “Can’t Control” with it’s Prodgiy esque beat running through it and “Maggots at the Party”, which is pure rock club fodder, are songs that anyone can enjoy.  However, there is just a little bit to much average on here to make this a great album.  As much as I want to love a song called “Fuck Unicorns” it hard to do so when it’s just not very good.

If you are a big Combichrist fan I imagine this album will tick all the boxes you’d want it to.  If you’re not this is very much one you can miss.

For Fans of: Nine Inch Nails, Prodigy

Choice Cuts: “Maggots at the Party”, “Love is a Razorblade”


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