Emmure – Eternal Enemies

Let’s just set this out from the start.  Some of the views of Emmure front man Frankie Palmeri are something I could never get on board with.  However, that doesn’t mean we should ignore his musical output.  I am personally of the opinion that Dave Mustaine spouts an incredible amount of shit and yet I love Megadeth.  I wanted to set that out so I could make it clear that my views on this album are by no mean affected by the fact that Palmeri is a massive cunt.

In saying that Eternal Enemies is shit.  However, what’s interesting is I don’t think it’s quite as shit as some of the reviews I’ve read suggest.  Most of these reviews have focused on the man behind the band rather than the actual band and that doesn’t actually tell you anything about the music contained in Eternal Enemies.  Yes singing a song called “Bring Your Guns to School” with the lyrics “holy fucking shit, I’m having too much fun, killing everyone” is fucking stupid.  Yet is it really any worse than tracks like “Smack Your Bitch Up” by The Prodigy?  Or a Slipknot track in which Corey Taylor howls “I wanna slit your throat and fuck the wound”?  No it’s not, except those songs are both fucking good while this is just a squealing pile of noise.

Now I like heavy music, obviously, and I like music that to most people is just noise.  However, Emmure are an example of a band that sounds like what people who don’t listen to heavy metal, expect heavy metal to sound like.  It’s music where every second moment is a breakdown and the singer sounds like he’s attempting to scream over the top of it while also trying to contain a mouth full of phlegm.  This isn’t a bad album because Palmeri’s a cunt.  It’s a bad album because the music fucking sucks.  It’s hard to even point out where it sucks most because it doesn’t matter whether you’re listening to “E”, with it’s lyrics encouraging you to “bounce” and “get up” or “Most Hated” where you can’t help but scoff at the claim that “you better watch your fucking mouth before I put you on the fucking ground” because it is all just two chord breakdown filled pish.

So why is this album not complete shit?  Well I can see why people might enjoy it live.  It’s heavy and there is enough of a nu-metal edge to mean that in a sweaty clubs, after a few drinks I can see why you might just go bat shit to this music.  It’s also just so bland that minus a couple of the so called controversial lyrics, I just found it completely inoffensive.  Apart from stating it’s shit it’s quite a hard album to care about because it just passes you by.  However, I can’t pretend I would ever understand why anyone in their right mind would go home and put this on for the pure joy of listening to it.  Maybe I’m wrong, if you are someone who genuinely enjoys Emmure’s music then please tell me why in the comments below, because I’d be really interested.  If you’re someone looking to find out whether you should give it a go or not… well I’m sure you’ve figured out my opinion by now.

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