Feed the Rhino

Feed the Rhino have built up a reputation as one of the the best live bands on the go at the moment.  Their shows tend to lead to widespread chaos no matter where they are playing and in Lee Tobin they have a front man seemingly without fear.  Throw in two very good albums and you have got a band that would appear to be well on their way to big things.  Add most recent album The Sorrow and the Sound and you have to assume it is almost a guarantee.

You may have guessed this already, but I adore this band.  Despite the band themselves having stated some reservations about the final product, The Burning Sons was one of my albums of the year when it first came out and Mr. Red Eye is as good a full throttle debut as you are likely to get.  Throw in the aforementioned live shows and their ability to blow everyone they play with off the stage, seriously I have seen them put in support slots three times now and I do not understand why any band would do that, and you have got a band that I cannot help but love.  Yet somehow, The Sorrow and the Sound has made this band even better.  They have cracked through that glass ceiling and made an album not only full of angry blasts of hardcore, but also full of just brilliant songs.

This album remind’s me of the first time I heard Dead Set On Living, the album that changed Cancer Bats from a band I quite liked, into one I fucking loved.   It doesn’t sound anything like that album, apart from the shared hardcore edge, but where Cancer Bats embrace the heaviness of bands like Black Sabbath, Feed the Rhino stick with the frantic nature that gives hardcore it’s edge, but it remind’s me of that album in the way  it feels like a band perfecting it’s sound.  Feed the Rhino suddenly stand out from the hardcore bands around them, because they have embraced the melody and are about as close as you are going to get to being the hardcore version of Deftones.

I say all this knowing full well that Feed the Rhino are unlikely to reach the stage where they sell out stadiums or headline Download.  However, The Sorrow and the Sound proves that they are a band that could do a hell of a lot.  They have found that sound that they can truly call their own and even if they never reach the level of globe trotting superstars, they are at the very least set on becoming one of the best bands plying their trade at this moment in time.  Just to finally add, they are about to head out on tour with Baby Godzilla, that is a show you will not want to miss.


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