Super Meat Boy

Football Manager aside, my start to game related writing seems to be exclusively limited to indie games that appeared in Indie Game the Movie.  This will be the last game, at least until I decide to check out Braid, to do so, but it is also one that has driven me insane, Super Meat Boy.  Now, once again I am years behind everyone else on this, I’m sure most of you have played Super Meat Boy, had your fun and it now sits in your Steam library uninstalled, or on whatever console you chose to play it on.  To be honest I did the same thing, I bought it a few years back, played it for a bit and forgot about it, until last month, when I decided to go back.

Now when I say that Super Meat Boy drives me insane I mean it as a compliment.  This is a game that expects you to die and it expects you to die on a regular basis.  On the surface a simple platforming game where you play as Super Meat Boy, a piece of meat who is attempting to save his girlfriend, what this actually is is an incredibly difficult, but simple platforming game.  When you finally complete the levels it will probably take you around 30 seconds.  However, it will then show you every single piece of meat that you sent to his death, a number that could be anything from 5 to a couple of hundred, and you will realise that in reality you have sank a lot longer into navigating past that particular levels collection of deadly traps.

Much like with Fez, Super Meat Boy is a game with a few secrets to share.  In my play through of the first world I collected a couple of secrets and did every level, but according to the game I have only completed around about 30 odd per cent of what is offered.  There is everything from collectible bandages, to warp holes that allow you to enter alternate levels and unlock different characters.  It’s a game you can go back to and as I have to admit I have actually given up on my current run about 3 quarters of the way through due to a worry I would launch my Xbox controller through the screen, I may well end up doing.

Super Meat Boy is one of those games that if you missed out on it first time round, it is well worth your time to go back and check it out.  It’s a fun, quirky game that is hard not to enjoy, even if it might drive you towards violence.  It should be said that it is well recommended, by the game itself, that you play with an Xbox controller rather that keyboard and mouse.  There is a reason for this and if you don’t own a pad I would suggest you put off picking up this particular title unless you wish to buy one.  If you have a pad to hand, then go jump in!

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