In a nice change, today I am going to review a game that has come out in the last two years, Gunpoint.  Created by indie developer Tom Francis, it was released last year, when I did actually hear about it through a video Videogamer did, which you may as well look at, as it’s probably a lot more informative than what I’m writing.

Gunpoint is a mixture of puzzle and stealth, as each level presents you with a building that you have to gain access too and make your way to an objective by avoiding guards and hacking into it’s electronics.  It’s Watch Dogs on a budget, but in many ways, may provide the kind of hacking fun that Watch Dogs failed to take advantage of.

Because this game is great fun.  Every time you come to a new level you look at it and you feel lost, your brain can’t fathom how you are going to work your way through it, yet as you pick away at puzzle after puzzle, it always come together.  If you want to, you can punch and kick your way through it, forgoing subtly for speed and violence.  However, you will be punished, more or less so depending who has hired you for the mission and what sub objectives they have placed on you before you set out.

There is an overriding story to this game, as it essentially encompasses one case.  The end of the game generates a case study for you to view, if you wish to see mine you can click here, and gives you an idea of how you played it.  There is also you usual collection of power ups and extra abilities to unlock with the money you earn.  Some of these come in essential, some of them just make your job a little bit easier.  While some of them give you new and inventive ways to disable guards.

While the story line itself it hardly going to win any prizes, it does happen to be one of the few games to make me regularly laugh out loud.  Depending on how you play your character, he can either be the willing private eye or a complete and total dick to everyone who approaches him with work.  The variation on how you respond to people asking for your help, has little effect on the overarching story, at least as far as I can tell, but from my point of view provided a lot of fun, giving me a constant source of amusement throughout.

If there is one criticism it is quite short, I finished it in around 2 hours, but I don’t think that is a real issue.  Gunpoint  is a fantastic indie game that I took a lot of joy out of playing.  You can also currently pick it up super cheap in the Humble Bundle which you can find here or you can get it straight from Steam for about six quid.  Either deal is likely to leave you happy as this is one of the more enjoyable indie games I’ve played this year.


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