Weezer in 2014

A new Weezer album is a strange proposition in 2014.  While there is no denying Rivers Cuomo and co can still bring it on occasion, you can’t hide from the factThe Blue Album feels a long time ago and while those songs still kick ass live, they were recorded twenty years ago.  While that was followed by another two amazing albums and a few less amazing but strong in their own way releases, they have also released some trash.  With their last few failing to hit the mark.  Therefore, Everything Will Be Alright in the End has a bit of pressure on its shoulders, the question has to stand as to whether Weezer still have it?

As “Ain’t Got Nobody” hits in, that argument feels a bit of a waste of time.  It is a classic Weezer track, dripping in everything that made this band great.  That continues into “Back to the Shack” and even through “Eulogy for a Rock Band”.  However, it doesn’t continue through the entire album.  Like quite a few of Weezer’s albumsm this doesn’t lack in filler.  For every great song there is at least one ‘meh’ and it’s that, that prevents you getting fully on board with this album.  Tracks like “Lonely Girl” just aren’t that good.

Yet it is then followed up by a track like “The British Are Coming”, which revels in being so incredibly Weezer  in it’s out thereness (totally a word) – that it is hard not to love it.  This is still a band who can write great, catchy pop songs that it is genuinely hard not to love.  No one can write sweet, sing along tracks the way that Weezer can.  Yet, when it comes down to it, is that enough?  Can Weezer continue to be a relevant band, when they only hit it out the park one in three times?

Well of course they can, those songs they wrote all those years ago still hold up and even if Hurley was a pretty shit album, you can’t argue with a lot of discography and that might be part of their problem.  I think there is also a sense of expectancy with a Weezer album.  If this was a debut release, I could imagine I’d be raving over it.  So even while the ending tracks feel a little bit pretentious, (it’s a trilogy of tracks that sees us out) there is no denying that there is more than enough on this album to make me come back.

This is not a classic, not by any sense of the imagination, but it does prove that Weezer can still do it.  They still write beautifully simple, catchy pop songs that you can’t help but love and in the always bonkers Rivers Cuomo, they have a lyricist that is worth listening too.  So yea, in 2014 Weezer still do matter and Everything Will be Alright in the End suggests that they may have the potential to drop a few classics yet.

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