Gone Girl

The idea of the impossible to adapt book, seems to be dying.  With films like Life of Pi seeing great success, Hollywood hasdiscovered that the books they are supposed to be unable to do anything with, are actually doing pretty damn well.  The latest novel to get that treatment, is Gone Girl, written by Gillian Flynn, who has personally adapted it and directed by the brilliant, David Fincher.

The biggest problem with talking about Gone Girl, is the less you know about it the better, therefore, I’m not going to bother doing a plot synopsis, because anything that is spoiled will damage your enjoyment.  I personally went in knowing nothing but what I had seen in the trailer and as it unraveled was glad of that fact.

I can however say, that Gone Girl is a movie that you should see, if for no other reason, because it is one that people are going to be talking about for a long time.  Partly because this film has more twists and turns than a rollercoaster and partly because it is bloody mental.  Fincher has hardly been someone to run away from the horror and strangeness of life in his films, but in this particular instance, he’s gone past everyday life and into fantasy, because Gone Girl is ridiculous.

However, that doesn’t really matter, because even though it is mental, it is also really good.  Fincher has taken a ludicrous story and turned it into a gripping tale focused on a couple, who are both enthralling and horrible at the same time.  Affleck and Pike are both fantastic throughout and if it wasn’t for the nature of the film, Pike would be a shoe in for an Oscar.  However, it’s hard to imagine such a pulpy film being accepted by the Academy.  She is mercurial throughout this film, floating through scenes like someone from a dream and yet you can never quite figure her character out.  While Ben Affleck continues to prove, as if he still needs to, that he is not the horrible actor many people seem to believe him to be.

There are a few misteps, little moments that don’t ring quite true and ask you to suspend your sense of reality a little bit too much, but in the whole this film is a success.  Once again, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross prove to be some of the best soundtrack guys in the game and they at least can probably have their eye on Oscar gold.  The score is understated, but constantly tweaks with your feelings, appearing on the surface calming, while in reality putting you on edge.

Gone Girl may not be the best film this year, but it will definitely be one of the most talked about.  It’s a gripping, nail biter of a journey that manages to fly by, despite a running time of around two and a half hours.  It’s probably not up there with Fincher’s best work, in Fight Club and Seven, but it’s definitely in the top tier of his filmography and will stand as one you don’t want to miss.

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