Bang Man!

I’ve never reviewed a mobile game before, however there is a first time for everything and I’m short on time today, so it seems an appropriate thing to review in short form.  Bang Man! is the latest game from Bryonic Man, a studio which is essentially the brain child of Simon Byron, who some may know from his work on One Life Left, the video game radio show and podcast.  

Bang Man! is a rather simple game, you are dropped onto a platform with the ability to move left, right and jump.  Dropped soon afterwards are a variety of aliens, all of whom will kill you upon touch.  Thankfully, dropped soon afterwards is a box with a number on it, that box contains ammo, but sadly the number is not related to the number of bullets, but the strength of the recoil.  Therefore, your challenge comes from not just avoiding and killing, but also dealing with said recoil, making sure that it doesn’t push you off the side of the platform.

It’s a very simple idea and you will pick it up within seconds of starting.  What’s harder, is getting good at it.  I started playing yesterday and have a high score of 39, for the first half an hour or so of play I will struggling to beat 10 and I reckon it will be a while before I pass 40.  Thankfully, it’s not a hardness that makes the game frustrating, it’s fun to play and when you manage to leap over an alien, blow him away and stop exactly on the edge of the ledge, you feel like you have achieved something.

Bang Man! is one of those perfect mobile games that you can pick on a train, play for ten minutes and walk away from.  However, you will find yourself going back to it more and more often, desperate to beat the score you have set yourself.  Considering it is currently free on the Google Play Store (and I believe will make it’s way to IOS next year) it is well worth your time picking it up.


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