Top Ten Films of the Year: Number 5 to Number 1

As I am sure you are all waiting in suspense, I shall now present you with my top five films of the year.  If you missed part one, you can find it here.

Number 5 – The Babadook

A modern horror that is brave enough to substitute jump scares for a chilling atmosphere and a monster which creeps in to your imagination and seems to never leave, The Babadook is the best thing to happen to horror in a long time.  Essie Davis gives an extraordinary performance as mother Amelia, who is struggling to deal with the loss of a husband, an unruly child and the monster which has snuck into their house.  As a final note, the person who designed that book should be kept a close eye on and please don’t accidentally give it to your children this Christmas

Number 4 – Guardians of the Galaxy 

“Marvel’s biggest risk yet” turned out to not be a risk at all and in fact, could be the best film to come from the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet.  Taking its influences from Star Wars and the Western genre, Guardians of the Galaxy is Marvel’s first non super hero property and instead see’s a band of rogues coming together to take on Ronan (the weakest part of the film by far).  It was funny, exciting and saw Chris Pratt come of age as an action hero.  What was even more incredible was the fact it made us care about a CG tree called Groot and that Dave Bautista is apparently a damn good actor.  Well played Marvel, I did not see that one coming.

Number 3 – The Lego Movie

Talking about movies I didn’t see coming, enter The Lego Movie.  Although, it could be argued, we really should have seen it coming, seeing as they took on the patron saints of seemingly lost causes, Lord and Miller.  These two make incredible movies out of things they have no right to do so out of and The Lego Movie is no exception.  Hilariously funny throughout, but never forgetting to have a heart and exactly what makes Lego so exciting to play with.  This was a fitting tribute to one of childhood’s greatest toys.

Number 2 – Boyhood

Richard Linklater’s Boyhood could have been a disaster.  Filmed over an eleven year period, it told no story but the story of life and it was marvelous because of it.  It is a film just full of moments that everyone can relate to and with incredible performances from the likes of Patricia Arquette, this film will stand in the memory for a long long time.  I have loved a lot of films this year, at least ten of which are in this list, but Boyhood is the one that feels like a masterpiece and years from now it will be talked of in the same breath with the classics we all know and love.

Number 1 – Paddington 

It will take something special to beat that to the top spot and is there anyone more special than Paddington bear?  This film may not be the masterpiece Boyhood is or have had the serious chops that many others films released this year did, but what it is, is one of the happiest movies I have ever seen and if you want to talk about the one that I sat through and smiled and laughed and fell in love with the most, then Paddington wins be a country mile.  Paul King has created a movie that pays perfect service to a bear that a lot of people have a whole load of love for and just weeks after its release it already feels like a family classic, that is sure to be played at Christmas time for years and years to come.

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