2015 Predictions

So we are now over a week into 2015 and the year is setting itself up, whether good or bad, to at least be interesting.  In the past I have done musical predictions, which I will continue to do this year, but I have decided to mix them up with film and maybe even a couple of gaming ones.

Bring Me the Horizon Go Huge

Bring Me the Horizon are arguably the most important British metal band on the go right now.  Their sound is uniquely their own and they have never been afraid to change it up and do something new.  You could also claim that they are already a big deal.  They played Wembley Arena last year and all reviews pointed towards it being one hell of a show.  When I say huge however, I mean hitting that next level.  It took me a while to be sold on Horizon, a fact that doesn’t make me unique, but I now genuinely think they are the real deal and if they don’t headline Download eventually, I will be shocked.  I think this is the year they start to make their claim for that spot.

Rock and Metal Albums Continue to Hit Number One

Last year saw Royal Blood and Pink Floyd claim UK number one albums.  The year before we saw Black SabbathBiffy Clyro and Avenged Sevenfold do the same.  Rock and metal is slowly creeping its way back into peoples minds and this year I can only see that continuing.  With the likes of While She SleepsBullet For My ValentineAsking Alexandria and the aforementioned Bring Me the Horizon all approaching new album time, it is coming to the point where British metal has a genuine chance to explode again.  Watch out for this being the year it happens.

At Least One Blockbuster Bombs at the Box Office

There are so many big blockbusters coming out this year.  Everything from Fast and Furious 7 to Ant Man and in that crowded market place, I can only assume that one of them is going to fall flat on it’s face.  Which one will it be?  I can only guess, but with the likes of Avengers and Star Wars surely standing as sure fire successes, look for one of the smaller big releases to be left standing at the road side with a sad look on it’s face.

Avengers Outsells Star Wars

Talking about Avengers and Star Wars, here is my only truly risky bet for this year.  I believe Avengers Age of Ultron will make more money than Star Wars: The Force Assembles.  Why?  Because Avengers is a hot property.  Everyone has seen that first movie, even people I know who don’t care about that genre of movie, have seen it.  While the same can be said of Star Wars, there are a lot of people who mainly associate it with the newest three, the ones some of us like to pretend don’t exist.  Younger audiences don’t have the same connection with the Star Wars films that older audiences do.  Teenagers who will be first in line to see Iron Man and Thor, maybe don’t care as much about R2-D2 and C3PO.  I can’t guarantee it, but you can damn well guarantee I’ll be digging up this blog post if it happens.

Next Gen Comes of Age

The PS4 and XBone have had a difficult start to life.  Lack of games and their issues over the Christmas period have left many feeling a bit disillusioned with the whole thing.  Throw in glitch heavy games like Assassin’s Creed Unity and it is safe to say this has probably been the rockiest start to a console generation yet.  However, I think this will be the year they turn it around. With games like The Witcher 3Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain and Bloodborne set to drop this year, the games are set to come thick and fast and thankfully a lot of them aren’t coming from Ubisoft.

But Games Still Released Badly

However, that won’t change the fact there is still some big problems in the games industry.  2014 saw an increase in games being released before they were ready and then fixed with a series of patches (although often they still aren’t actually fixed).  Sadly, I don’t see that changing this year.  It is too easy now for developers to rely on day one patches to fix games and there is no reason for that to change.  These huge patches will continue to be needed to make games anywhere near passable, because studios will be desperate to get everything out for the deadlines they set.  Until something major happens, where one of these broken games just fails to sell, it is a reality we are going to be stuck with.

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