The Last Ten Seconds of Life – Soulless Hymns

After the usual quiet start to the year, the music is starting to flow out again.  Big hitters like Marilyn Manson and Fall Out Boy have already dropped new albums and as usual there is a whole new world of music to find out there.  One of these new bands, at least for myself, is The Last Ten Seconds of Life who hail from Mansfield, Pennsylvania.

I have to be honest and admit I know very little about this band.  They have a few albums up on Spotify and you can find them on Facebook, here.  However, their newest album, Soulless Hymns, is packed full of big crunching riffs and more heavy metal goodness than you can shake a stick at.

Kicking off with “As the World Turns Over”, you can probably figure out within seconds whether this album appeals to you.  The riffs are made for banging your head to and it has a nu-metal swagger that will infuriate some and delight others.  The Last Ten Seconds of Life aren’t subtle, but they are fun.

This kind of bounce continues throughout the whole album, with the likes of “Guillotine Queen” feeling like it was made for being blared in rock clubs.  While “Changing Forms” bristles with anger, as lead singer Storm Strope roars his way through it with his death metal style vocals.  The only real change comes on “Heavy Headed”, with its blues guitar laden intro.  It’s a more haunting track, that is a nice mix up from the blend of nu metal and deathcore that predominantly makes up this album.

The Last Ten Seconds of Life can be a bit meat and potatoes, there is no denying that. However, sometimes what you want is meat and potatoes and they are doing it damn well.  This is an album full of potential heavy metal anthems and if you are looking for something to put on, sit back and bang your head to, look no further.


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