The internet can be a bit shit.  I’ve mentioned in the past how depressing going through Metal Hammer’s Facebook page is and a general scroll through Twitter can convince you that the world is going to end or that it is full of cunts.  However, it does have it’s upsides and one of thoseis the way it can be used to spread the word about great bands.  For example, WOAHNOWS a band that until a few days ago I had never even heard of.

Their debut album, Understanding and Everything Else, sees this Plymouth lot capturing all the elements that go into making the perfect album for getting into as we hit the summer months.  Fuzzy guitars, big hooks and a dollop of fun mean that this release already feels like something destined to be blasted out of speakers at BBQs and in fields across the country.

If you are worrying that summer album is a rather hollow description, then worry no more.  This doesn’t just stick in your head because of the bits you can woo along to in ‘Puncher’.  In among it’s fuzzy pop warmth, there are some tracks that deserve to stick around.  ‘Manicomio’ is tinged with melancholy as they sing, ‘Just tell me that you hate that/Please, just tell me that you hate them all.’  While ‘Neutral Haste’ is hardly a song about going dancing in the streets.  There is depth to this band and it’s not the kind of faux depth that is so common in music of all genres.

It that all sounds a bit too deep however, you needn’t worry too much.  Even in among the angst, there is a tongue in cheek humour to proceedings.  Lines like ‘You like breathing air? That’s funny, me too’ on ‘No Such Thing’ will raise a smile, even among all the angst.  While if you are just looking for something to dance to, then this will give you more than enough to get going.

WOAHNOWS are one of those bands who probably don’t do much you haven’t heard before, but are doing what they do so damn well that it doesn’t really matter.  Understanding and Everything Else is just a damn pleasure to listen to and its eleven tracks honestly don’t contain a single dud.  If you at all like your punk filled with choruses and all things nice, then you owe it yourself to get this into your ears as soon as possible.

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