Money in the Bank

Money in the Bank always manages to be one of the better WWE events.  The Money in the Bank matches tend to deliver and in the past we’ve had iconic moments, like CM Punk walking out with the WWE title.  However, this year we came into the event just two weeks after Elimination Chamber and such a short build meant that outside of a select few feuds, mainly Cena and Owens, a lot of the build was lacking and felt rushed.  However, WWE was still able to scrape a decent show out of it.

We might as well start at the best and talk about Cena beating Kevin Owens.  This match was fantastic, these two have a wonderful chemistry in the ring and have now had two Match of the Year contenders.  What made it special was it felt like a natural extension of their first encounter, moves which worked that time didn’t work this time and both men pulled new things out of the bag.  Owens seems to have a never-ending move-set and he brings the best out of Cena.  Despite this, I don’t like the decision to put Cena over. WWE seems to have an obsession with people trading wins and there are times when that works.  However, it takes something special away from it.  I like the idea of Owens being the guy, much like CM Punk was portrayed at times, that has Cena’s number, the guy he can’t beat.  Eventually that gives you a huge match, however far down the line, when Cena finally gets that win.  It’s simple storytelling, but it works.

A good example of this, but on the other foot, is Dean Ambrose at the moment.  Two events in a row he has come a whisker away from winning the WWE Title.  If WWE do it properly, they can now make it a huge moment when Dean finally gets over the line.  The guy is over and his work in the ring is consistently good.  Sure, WWE have a tendency to push corny comedy on him, but it doesn’t seem to hurt him.  When it comes to his match with Rollins, the two continued their trend of being great together.  They’re natural enemies, the cool, arrogant Rollins versus the slightly unhinged Ambrose.  They put a lot on the line and even a slightly dodgy finish didn’t take away from that.

Now we come to the flip side of Money in the Bank, which shows the problems WWE has at the moment.  I just don’t care about the rest of this show.  Even the Money in the Bank match, which was entertaining enough but nowhere near one of the best, wasn’t too exciting.  Sheamus winning was a surprise, but I imagine he’s essentially being set up to be a placeholder champ somewhere down the line.  While a Reigns and Wyatt feud could be great, but until they give Wyatt some wins and actually let him do something more than elegantly speak mumbo jumbo, I can’t see it being any different from all his other feuds.  The Tag Title change felt flat, because no one cares about the Prime Time Players, while the finish to the Divas match was ridiculous.  Who thought Brie Bella pulling stuffing out of her bra was a good idea?

To be fair, Big Show and Ryback was better than it had any right to be and was given the exact right amount of time.  But that’s about it and it sums up all the problems WWE have right now.  On one hand, in Cena Owens, they have one of their most compelling feuds in a long time.  While, (RAW spoiler ahead) the return of Lesnar instantly makes the main event interesting.  Outside of that though, particularly with the injury to Tyson Kidd, I just don’t care.  Paige’s crusade against the Bellas could be interesting, but the last 6 months of booking has left them climbing a mountain.  The tag division has some good teams, but no real stories and I’m sorry, I just don’t care about Ryback as Intercontinental champion, the guy’s alright but he does little for me.  I wrote a while back about how great WWE’s roster is at the moment, but if they keep this up it is going to be completely wasted.

Money in the Bank was a solid event, which was elevated by the two biggest matches on the card.  It is just getting to the point where that might not be enough anymore.

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