Diva Revolution

Raw this week finally saw the debut of three of NXT’s Four Horsewomen, as Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch were introduced by Stephanie McMahon to shake up the Diva’s division.  It’s a moment that has been long overdue and almost instantly elevates the Divas division.  However, we have seen NXT women being called up before and lost in the shuffle, so is it going to be different this time?

Hopefully yes.  When Paige and Emma came up to the main roster the NXT women’s division was great, but it didn’t have the hype it does now.  The women are just as good as the men in NXT at the moment and the buzz surrounding that has spread.  People are now used to these women competing in great, long and well put together matches.  They have real storylines and real characters.  The audience, or at least the part that watches NXT, will be expecting that to continue and it should.

That’s aided by the fact they’ve been dropped into an already existing storyline.  That storyline may have been overlong, over complicated and to be honest a bit shit.   But if it’s stripped back to its bare bones it has potential.  The Bellas are the top dogs in the division, they have stayed there by bending the rules and everyone else is gunning for them.  It’s classic storytelling and it should work.  By putting the women straight into it you prevent them gaining a case of Neville syndrome, doing everything right but not having a story.

Sadly, that story line also leads to problems.  Firstly, what are the NXT women’s motivation?  Why have they allowed Stephanie to place them into these stables?  Are they friends with those involved?  Do they believe in their cause?  If that’s not established then they quickly just become a few new Divas.  The NXT crowd knows them, but the wider Raw audience doesn’t.  They need to be given a mic and be allowed to tell their own story.

You also have to ask who comes out on top.  There are now nine Divas in this feud and only one belt.  Someone needs to win and after that they need to all split up into their own separate feuds.  I don’t trust WWE to do that.  I can’t remember the last time they had more than one Diva storyline on the main roster, why should I believe that is going to change now?

Because as excited as I am to watch these women debut there are still far too many things that make me uneasy.  Firstly, why is Stephanie McMahon introducing them all?  Why aren’t they introducing themselves?  It feels like an attempt to make the very heel Steph, the saviour of the Diva’s division and to be honest, I don’t want that.  The Divas should be the saviour of the Diva’s division.

The second biggest problem is the fact that it is still exactly that, the Diva’s division.  That word needs to be packed into a cannon and shot into the sun.  It’s an offensive and unneeded term.  You can still have Total Divas, I don’t care about that despite it being a bit of a guilty pleasure, but make it separate from the wrestling.  Down in NXT they are called women and it should be exactly the same on the main roster.

Don’t get me wrong, I am delighted to have these women on Raw.  They are as good as everyone says they are.  On the surface everything looks great.  The problem is, Vince still books this stuff and I genuinely believe that stubborn old bastard still doesn’t understand that women can do this stuff.  The guys history quite frankly points to him being a sexist pig.  I hope this is genuinely the start of a revolution, but it is now up to the fans to give these women the reception they deserve in order to force those in charge to pay attention.


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