Wilson – Right to Rise

Wilson grabbed everyone’s attention with their debut album Full Blast Fuckery, a beer fuelled orgy of hard rock.  Tracks like ‘Viking Pussies Fuck Off’ were perfect at catching the attention.  This year they’re back with their second album, Right to Rise, which sees the band growing up and cementing themselves as one hell of a hard rock outfit.

Where Full Blast Fuckery dealt in frat boy antics, Right to Rise is based in the city Wilson call home, Detroit.  Tracks like ‘All My Friends’ with it’s big chunky riff and beer drenched chorus sees lead singer Chad Nicefield repeating the refrain ‘all my friends are dead.’  This is a more mature album and it’s the perfect next step for this band.

Don’t worry too much though, just because they’ve moved away from the crazy song titles and party fueled lyrics doesn’t mean the good times have ended.  ‘Right to Rise’ kicks things off in full barreled style as it builds up to a big fuck off chorus.  While the glorious togetherness of ‘Windows Down!’ already feels like an anthem.

It’s not all rollicking rock and roll as the slow bluesy stomp of ‘The Flood’ proves, but it doesn’t halt proceedings for long as ‘Hang With the Devil’ comes rolling in afterwards and soon has you banging your head.  Nicefield’s whiskey soaked vocals are rock and roll gold while James Spencer and Kyle Landry’s big ass riffs will put a smile on anyone’s face.  These guys are a classic rock and roll band and while they aren’t doing anything that hasn’t been done before, what they are doing they are doing damn well.

Right to Rise feels like a band growing up and while Full Blast Fuckery was brilliant good fun, this album is the natural progression from it.  Wilson are turning into one hell of a hard rock band and this song is full of more brilliant rock and roll songs than you can shake a stick at.  It’s one that is made for being turned up loud and if you can’t find any joy in that then you are probably dead inside.

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