A Modern Masquerade

‘We write songs with massive guitar riffs, but with the catchy hooks of an indie pop song.’  That’s how lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Alex Cameron describes A Modern Masquerade.  Having released their first single earlier this year, they are hoping those catchy hooks can lead them to a bright future.

Started when Cameron and lead guitarist Craig Grassie begun to post acoustic videos to YouTube, one of which Grassie admits is ‘unfortunately still on there’.  A Modern Masquerade were truly born when Grassie wrote the guitar part to ‘Fake Friends and Broken Ends’ (which is the B side of their first single) and brought it to Cameron.  From there the band was born.  Although their original name Scarlet Street had been changed after they discovered they shared it with an all-female a capella group.

Coming into the Edinburgh music scene, they struggled at first.  With Grassie saying that ‘as an up and coming band in the city it’s not the easiest to start getting gigs.’  However, once the first one had cracked, there was more to follow and he has a lot of good things to say about their home cities music scene.  ‘There a lot of great bands here and loads of small, cool venues like Sneaky Pete’s and Cab Vol.’  Witnessing them live you can see why getting repeat bookings wouldn’t be a problem.  A Modern Masquerade want the crowd to get involved and have no problem getting hands-on in their attempts to do so, throwing themselves into the audience to get it moving.

Along with the live shows comes their debut single, ‘In the Bad Books’, which has so far been a success.  Grassie is humble about their ambition for it, ‘the main goal wasn’t to sell loads of copies, it was to get people to hear us for the first time.’  A song about that classic situation of getting on the wrong side of a partner, it’s a catchy alternative rock track sitting somewhere between Royal Blood and Biffy Clyro, both bands that they list as influences.

Still early into their career, A Modern Masquerade have built a solid base on which to start.  A catchy first single and a good live show has got many a band more attention than they deserved.  But with plans to write as many new songs as possible in the coming months, there is no reason that A Modern Masquerade can’t step up and prove they are worthy of attention.

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