Night of Champions Preview

Night of Champions is a strange PPV this year.  On one hand it feels like a big deal.  Seth Rollins will compete twice and Sting is fighting for the WWE Title, something we never thought we’d see.  However, the rest of the card is same old, same old.  Rusev and Dolph Ziggler are still plodding away in their never-ending feud and Neville will probably beat Stardust again.  As usual, WWE are approaching the end of the year stuck in a bit of  a rut.  Which is probably not the way to entice you into reading this preview.

Neville and Lucha Dragons vs. Cosmic Wasteland

I’ve enjoyed Neville and Stardust’s feud.  The WWE have pulled off the comic book aesthetic and as underwhelming a statement as this is, it’s kept both men busy.  The formation of the Cosmic Wasteland was also a nice move.  The Ascension had nothing to do (and are awful) so throwing them in as Stardust’s muscle is better than having them rot on the sidelines.  Despite this, it’s probably time for this feud to end and with it being a Kickoff Match, I can only see the faces going over.

Neville and Lucha Dragons win by pinfall

Rusev vs Dolph Ziggler

Does anyone give a fuck anymore?

I just don’t care

The New Day (C) vs The Dudley Boyz (Tag Title Match)

New Day are brilliant.  They’ve taken an awful gimmick and made it their own.  While the return of The Dudleys brings a sheen of respectability to the tag division.  However, I’m not sure if they will mesh in the ring.  The Dudleys are hard-hitting and serious wrestlers.  The New Day are goof balls.  That might work if it was the heel Dudleys beating up the face New Day, but the other way round doesn’t click for me.  Particularly as we’ve already seen the pay off of Xavier Woods going through a table.  New Day should win though, probably by nefarious means and then one of them will go through a table.  Hopefully Big E will also do a little dance.

The New Day win by nefarious means

NIkki Bella vs Charlotte

With Nikki now the record holder, it’s time for her to take a step back.  I’ve grown to like her as an in-ring competitor, but her character is all over the place and in the last few months she hasn’t even been defending the title.  Charlotte feels legit, she looks legit and she’s a goddamn Flair.  The Divas Revolution has faltered, but with the focus seemingly moving onto a Paige vs Sasha feud and this feud, it could be Night of Champions which finally sees it kick into a higher gear.  As an aside, I also won’t be shocked if a Paige heel turn costs Charlotte the title.

Charlotte wins by submission

The Wyatt Family vs The SHIELD 2.0

Surely The Wyatt’s can get a win here?  Has there ever been a group which impresses as often as they do, yet loses nearly every month?  With the introduction of Bruan Strowman, who I expect to have minimum in-ring time in this match, they feel like a threat again.  Reigns and Ambrose can eat up a defeat and I can only see their third man being someone disappointing like Randy Orton.  Despite all of that, I think WWE will keep Reigns strong and have him pin Luke Harper.

The SHIELD 2.0 win by pinfall

Ryback (C) vs Kevin Owens (IC Title Match)

There isn’t a chance in hell that this match ends clean.  Ryback won’t lose the title, but Owens won’t be pinned.  I could see a double count out or even a DQ being the WWE’s way out of this.  Ryback is getting better and better and while he’s still sloppy at times, fans seem to be taking to him.  While Owens is one of the best in the world.  I think WWE are testing him at the moment though, so it will be a while until we see him holding a belt on the main roster.

Something nefarious happens

Seth Rollins (C) vs John Cena (US Title Match)

I want Rollins to come out of this show with both titles.  Even if he does it by cheating.  It just legitimizes everything about him and makes him feel like a true champion.  However, I can see why Cena winning her makes sense.  It adds an extra sheen to the main event, as Rollins goes in looking vulnerable, and in all honesty, Rollins doesn’t need the belt.  Cena as US champ was his best run in years and I’d be more than happy to see him go back to the Open Challenge gimmick.  I think it will be a hard-fought match, but Cena will come out with the belt.

John Cena wins by pinfall

Seth Rollins (C) vs Sting (WWE Title Match)

The reason it will be a hard-fought match is because this one will be doing well to hit ten minutes.  Any longer and Sting will struggle.  Rollins needs to win here.  Sting is not in a place where he should be WWE champion and Sheamus is not ready for the belt right now so the MITB cash in can be thrown out the window.  Again, I don’t mind if Rollins cheats.  He’s a character who can get away with it.  However, I think this is the perfect time to give him a big clean win.  Sting is already ruined, so another defeat won’t make that much difference.  However, he’s enough of a name that it would mean a lot for Rollins to beat him.  It’s time for WWE to pull the trigger and make Rollins a big deal.

Seth Rollins wins by pinfall

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