Black Stone Cherry – Kentucky

Black Stone Cherry are to rock and roll what Coke is to fizzy drinks. You know what you are going to get, but it doesn’t stop it being damn tasty. They have an incredible ability to reel out southern rock tracks that make you want to drink a beer and have a good time and Kentucky keeps that rolling.

It might surprise people then that opener ‘The Way of the Future’ takes on a political theme with its jabs at ‘perfect politicians’. That doesn’t stop it having a big fuck off chorus to sing along with, though, and you can almost kick back and relax the second you hear it. This is Black Stone Cherry, and you’re getting exactly what you signed up for.

And yet a lot of people look down on that. As if writing good time rock and roll is easy. However even if that was the case – which it categorically isn’t – none of them are doing it as well as Black Stone Cherry. None of them have a singer like Chris Robertson who can both belt out tracks like ‘Soul Machine’ with his soulful southern drawl and wail out a guitar solo on ballads like ‘Long Ride’. They certainly don’t have a drummer who hits as hard as John Fred Young whose playing is – as always – exemplary throughout this album.

Which when you get right down to it is what makes Black Stone Cheery so great – they are just a good fucking band. So whether it’s drinking songs like ‘Cheaper to Drink Alone’ or covers of ‘War’ you can’t help but love them. When they close things up with the touching acoustic ‘The Rambler’ you can’t help but want to wrap your arm around someone sway along and left a glass to the sky while proclaiming ‘thank God for Black Stone Cherry’.

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