In a world where most of musical history is at our fingertips via Spotify or YouTube, standing out takes something special. Every week tens of albums are released and deciding where to start isn’t easy. One band that make that simplifies that decision is Creeper.

Last night the first song from theirCreeper’s debut album was played on the Radio 1 Rock Show. That in itself doesn’t particularly stand out. Even in 2016 songs debut on the radio all the time and Dan Carter is one of the few mainstream DJs with something approaching rock credentials.

No, what makes the appearance of ‘Suzanne’ stand out was the build up to it. Following their performance at Reading Festival, the social media profiles of Creeper and their various members disappeared. When they reappeared the only Tweet on them was about a missing man, James Scythe.

Now, I won’t spoil the story this information led to because as far as I can see most of it is still online and you can find it yourself, which I recommend doing. However, since that day Creeper have been drip feeding hints to their fans. Whether it’s podcasts, phone numbers or even instructions to go to real life locations, it all eventually built up to one thing, Suzanne.

Now, there are two ways of looking at this. For fans of a particular style of horror and filmmaking, it’s like a little treasure trove. An adventure for the Creeper fan community to solve together. For others, it’s a gimmick.

And I get that, I do. I’ve been dismissive of bands in the past for similar stunts. See Iceman Thesis with their tirades against a music industry before going on to take up a spot that could have gone to one of these bands and ending up saying nothing at all. However, Creeper are so much more than a gimmick, because they are fucking good.

I defy anyone to listen to those gothic rock anthems and not fall in love. They have an enchanting blend of soulful emotion and yet an edge that stops it descending into soppy melodrama. Plus, they write brilliant songs. Whether it’s ‘Misery’, ‘Suzanne’ or ‘Henley’s Ghost’ they are full of moments that infect your mind. As someone fed up of mainstream music how can you not want to sing along with lyrics like ‘all those radio bands that never made me feel.’

Creeper stand out. In an alternative music scene that is finally finding its feet again and seems all set to become the best one we’ve had in years, they somehow still manage to be unique. They are a band who can you love on record and a band who can you love off it too. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

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