Why aren’t they pushing (insert wrestler’s name here)? It’s a question that every wrestling fan asks now and then/once a week/once a day/every hour. From the baffling fact that Roddy Piper never won a World Title to Daniel Bryan’s slow burn rise to the top, wrestling fans always have a guy that want to see given a chance. Few talents on the current roster fit that mould as well as Cesaro.

The Swiss Superman can do it all. From lifting men three times his size to hitting a 619 (okay it wasn’t perfect, but he’s getting better). And yet, he’s never been given his shot. Despite continuously being one of the best workers on any show he appears on, Cesaro seems destined to spend his WWE career as a backbencher.


Where some people believe, he belongs. Those people, much like Vince McMahon apparently, think that Cesaro lacks the personality required to be a top star. His very deliberate English makes him occasionally seem uncomfortable when cutting a promo, and he’s apparently never grasped that brass ring.

Which is all obviously bollocks, I mean you know that, yea? Not to go all indie hipster on you but anyone who has watched Cesaro for long enough can tell you that guy does not lack in personality, quite the opposite. Sure, WWE’s scripted promo style doesn’t appear to suit him but when he is given free reign? He’s brilliant. Just look at the interview he held after the WWE draft. That was a man speaking passionately about something he believed in and was overflowing with personality.


And even if he wasn’t, does that matter? Are you seriously telling me that every top star in WWE has been able to cut a brilliant promo? The Undertaker is calling with a million flat promos and one of the greatest careers of all time. Some people are charismatic purely by presence and Cesaro has that. You only have to watch the way he moves in the ring to fall in love with the man behind the character.

Look, Cesaro is hardly in the worst place in the world. He’s on Raw every week and while he might not be the top guy he’s still a pretty high up guy. There are a million people in this world who would give everything they had to be in his place. However, WWE is in a delicate situation. They have an incredibly gifted wrestler on their roster, and despite Mick Foley’s claim to the contrary, they are wasting him. If they aren’t careful, one day fans will be asking why they never pushed Cesaro rather than why aren’t they pushing Cesaro.


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